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Initial Consultation

You can book a one to one consultation with the doctor to discuss any areas you would like addressed.  We are keen to make sure that the decisions about treatment are made by you and we try to provide a friendly non-pressurised environment for you to do this in. The doctor can individualize your treatment plan based on your specific wishes.  The consultation fee is reimbursed when you go on to book a treatment.

£50 (fully reimbursed when treatment booked)

Wrinkle reduction treatments

We offer consultations for wrinkle reduction treatments  to three areas of the face.  The Glabella (the area between the eyebrows) the forehead and the areas around the eyes (Crows feet).  We also offer advanced treatments as detailed below)

Face: ( all prices are inclusive of  V.A.T)

1 area                                                               £180
2 areas                                                             £220
3 areas                                                             £250

Extra: Bunny lines                                                              £50

(£50 supplement for men due to the amount of product needed-only charged if more product than usual actually used)

Advanced Treatments:

Gummy smile                                                  £180**
*If  done in combination with other areas then charged at £75

Jaw softening ( Masseters)                            £250**
** If done in combination with other areas then charged at £150

Excessive under arm sweating  treatment  400*** (Both sides)
*** If done in combination with other areas then £325)

Nefertiti Neck lift (platysmal bands)           £299**** **** If done in combination with other areas the £250)

Drug and Syringe

Filler Treatments 

Our aim is to restore a youthful but natural look

We offer a range of dermal filler services to enhance your natural beauty., including cheek fillers, nasolabial fold fillers and lip enhancement.

Prices vary depending on what area you would like enhanced and how much product you want to use.  These prices are a rough guide and detailed prices can be discussed during your consultation, depending on what you want done and what type of filler you would prefer to use.

Price examples ( all prices are inclusive of  V.A.T)

Lip Fillers  (Reshaping)                                                    £225*

              (Volumising)                                                   £340*


Cheek Fillers   (both sides)                                              £340*


Nasolabial folds (line from nose to corner of mouth)            £340*


*Syringe volumes vary and some filler brands may cost more    

Profhilo Treatment

Bioremodelling with an immediate tightening effect.  An innovative approach to anti-ageing which counteracts skin laxity of the face and areas traditionally difficult to treat, such as the necck, decollete, hands and arms.


What is Profhilo?

It's an ultrapure hyaluronic acid that integrates into the tissue where it restores the levels of hyaluronic acid naturally found in the skin.  Clinical data confirm improvements in skin texture, elasticity and hydrations with an immediate tightening effect.  A specially developed injection technique reduces pain, downtime and the number of treatment sessions, making it a perfect lunch-time procedure.

What does the treatment involve.

Usually 5 tiny injections in specific areas of the lower face.  The Profhilo then diffuses across the skin to give uniform coverage.  Usually you have one syringe initially and this is repeated at 4 weeks.  The results are then seen 4 weeks after this.  These 2 treatments can then be repeated every 6 months or you can use one syringe every 3 months as a maintenance.

Price ( all prices are inclusive of  V.A.T)

Initially          2 x 1ml syringes              £315 x 2 (Rpt every 6 months)

Maintanence 1ml syringe                     £315   (repeated every 3 months)

Source: Profhilo UK

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