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Before & After

Before and after Anti-Wrinkle injections to crows lines around the eyes.  These reduce the lines you get when you squint, ie the lines you get when you are looking into bright sunlight.

Before and after Juvaderm Volbella to the upper lip vermillion border and the nasolabial folds ( lines from mouth to nose)

Before and after Anti-Wrinkle injections to frown lines between eyes.  In the photo on the right she is trying hard to frown but the muscle are paralyses removing the deep lines she had previously.

Stunning static line removal.  Anti-Wrinkle injections usually work by paralysing muscles that move, not those that are present at rest ( static lines).  Eventually with time and enough treatments these static lines can soften.  In this great example,  just 2 weeks after her first treatment, the static lines between her eyes have completely gone.  

Before and after Anti-Wrinkle injections to crows feet


'Doctor Stokes took the time to go through all of the treatment options and we decided together how to best get the look I wanted.  It was my first time have Botox and being a bit nervous I wanted a fully trained Docrot to do it.  Thre results are amazing.  I will be returning'.

J Lattimore

'I would very much recommend Doctor Rejuvenate.  James is both friendly and professional throughout the whole process.  What I found particularly reassuring is that the procedure is performed by an actual doctor who maps your face and asks what you want to achieve as a result of the procedure.  I was not disappointed with the results and would highly recommend him'.

Louise Robinson

'Thank you Dr Stokes for your amazing job. I'm very pleased with the result! Your analysis, knowledge skills and good use of the latest products in aesthetics combined perfectly to a satisfactory result.  Really appreciated'.

Polita Paniagua